Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Happens by Christopher Young (Review)

Romantic scores can become incredibly overdone and fall into saccharine territory very easily. It takes a skilled composer to evoke real emotions without going the cheesy route. Christopher Young succeeds with Love Happens. The music is simple and guitar based. It’s light and doesn’t overpower. Young had decent material to work with in that he was able to venture into sadness. Tracks like “Past Isn’t” and “Vodka Logic” embrace a solo piano with soft strings to achieve that.

This isn’t a one dimensional score. It has a playful side to it but knows when to get serious. The main theme echoes throughout and it works because it’s simple. The track “It’s MMM. . . Good” playfully uses the title of the track as a lyric. Young also brings in the strings more heavily in later tracks to get a full bodied sound that resonates more.

All in all the score doesn’t break any new ground in the genre, but it succeeds. It’s heartwarming and has a flow of energy that is present throughout. Elements of it reminded me of John Powell’s terrific score to P.S. I Love You. Christopher Young knows not to overpower with melodrama or cheesy arrangements.

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