Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Days Of Our Lives by Ken Corday & D. Brent Nelson (Review)

It’s really hard to put this any other way so I’ll just say it. This is a 2-Disc release of the musical score to the soap opera, Days Of Our Lives. Now, the soap opera is a genre of television that has its own formulas and trademarks like any other genre. This includes the absolutely melodramatic music.

Now, I’m sorry when I say this, but this is some of the worst music composed that you will probably ever hear. It’s just hard to imagine anyone who can sit and listen to this other than maybe for nostalgia’s sake. Ominous tones make up the majority of the score, and even though there is surprisingly some thematic stuff going on it’s all lost within the forced emotions the music is trying to convey. Everything is synthetic and sounds inorganic so it just sounds cheap. I know that’s no reason to bash a score, but believe me when I say that there are amazing synth scores out there with the same “cheap” sound that are able to tell an emotional story.

So, you can probably tell I don’t care for soap operas. I can’t stand forced emotions and storytelling that doesn’t come off as organic. So when the score is just pure forced emotions it just makes it dismissible experience. For people who like soaps I can imagine how the score must work within the framework of the show and everything in that respect, but here as a standalone listen it’s laughable and time wasted.

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