Monday, April 26, 2010

Lesbian Vampire Killers by Debbie Wiseman (Review)

Lesbian Vampire Killers is a British horror comedy about . . . well I guess the title speaks for itself. The score was composed by Debbie Weiseman and to be quite honest will probably go against your expectations. The score sort of has a Danny Elfman quality to it, but of course has a full identity of its own. Wiseman heavily uses a female chorus to create the whimsical and fantasy filled tone of the score.

The thematic material does stand out. She uses simple melodic motifs that work to great effect. With this being a horror comedy score we do have a few tracks that fall into a more playful tone.

Now, I’m sure that when people hear the title “Lesbian Vampire Killers” they aren’t exactly going “wow, I need to check out this score”. To be quite honest I really think you should. Tracks like “Lesbian Vampire Killers” and “ and “Full-On Lesbian Vampire Attack” are extremely memorable for their grand orchestral approach. Overall I found the score extremely enjoyable even if it did lack any real emotional connection. I really would have liked to see more genre elements played around with, but I applaud the fact that the score doesn’t fall into mundane territory. So, I urge you to at least check out a few samples of the score and if you like what you hear then go for it.

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