Monday, April 26, 2010

Franklyn by Joby Talbot (Review)

Franklyn is a British film that was filmed back in 2007, but just recently got commercially released in the United Kingdom. The plot itself would probably give any composer a good challenge. The story is a parallel narrative. One taking place in contemporary London and the other in a future metropolis called Meanwhile City. It follows four characters as their fates intertwine and each with their own goals. So, again, anything like that poses a great challenge for a composer.

Franklyn was composed by Joby Talbot. Most people will probably recognize him for his score to the amazing and hilarious The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. For Franklyn Talbot takes on a minimalistic approach at times, and when I say minimalist I’m not talking “Phillip Glass” minimalism. The main theme is a simple piano arrangement and it gives the score this “lullaby” feel at least for me. It’s gentle but expresses emptiness.

For me the score does an excellent job of wrapping you up in its atmosphere. The short track lengths may make the solo listening experience a bit choppy for some, but Talbot manages to wrap the story very impressively in the Finale tracks entitled “Finale Part 1” and “Finale Part 2”. This is a fantastic score worth taking the journey for. It allows you to get lost in its mystery and fantasy while always keeping you grounded with simple melodies.

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