Monday, April 26, 2010

The Back-Up Plan by Stephen Trask (Review)

Jennifer Lopez returns to acting after her pregnancy in the actually very appropriate The Back-Up Plan. In the film Lopez plays a single 30 something woman who decides she will never meet the right guy, but with loneliness on her mind she wants to have a baby so she can say she does have a family. She gets artificially inseminated, but lo and behold she finds a guy she falls in love with.

We’re walking into “romcom” territory here. I always state how easy it is for romantic comedy scores to fall into the “cheesy” category and just be swept up in saccharine melodies that make you want to slap yourself. I’m pleased to say that Trask didn’t go that route. While the plot isn’t original and doesn’t leave that much room for extreme creativity I was pleased with Trask’s approach.

The score is playful and the main theme flourishes in the first track titled “Daydream”. What follows is pretty much familiar territory for anyone whose seen a romantic comedy before. The only problem with the score as a standalone release is the many many short tracks. The shortest being :13 seconds, but we have a plethora of the dreaded :20-:30 second tracks. I have seen the film and of course it works much better in the flow of the film.

Stephen Trask does an adequate job of balancing the score and making it light, playful, romantic and in a way memorable. The main theme sticks around and that’s what makes it work. The score is not reinventing the wheel or giving us anything new, but it works.

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