Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leverage by Joseph LoDuca (Review)

One thing I can say about Joseph LoDuca’s score to the TV series Leverage is that it has a character of its own. So many TV scores these days fail to have their own identity, but Leverage has one. The sound has a thriving pulse to it and it’s tons of fun. There isn’t anything groundbreaking about the music here. It’s simply an upbeat jazzy score that calls to mind David Holmes’ work on the Ocean’s movies.

It’s very easy to label the score as “con” music. You know, very cool and suave. It certainly has the urban city feel and creates that atmosphere. LoDuca successfully changes things up to keep interest by adding different flavors. We have an Irish themed punk song as well as an Indian flavored track. There are some more emotionally driven tracks as well that ground the score a bit.

In the end the immense amount of music included here from the series may seem a bit overwhelming for a standalone experience. They really pack the CD nearing in at 73 minutes of music. I can’t say it’s something I can listen to anytime mostly because the music does only play on the surface. Again, this is looking at it from a standalone experience. In the show it performs its job successfully. LoDuca is able to create a light and fun atmosphere that walks the walk and talks the talk, but it fails to leave a lasting impression.

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