Thursday, March 11, 2010

Creation by Christopher Young (Review)

Christopher Young has crafted an unbelievably beautiful journey with his score to Creation; the film about Charles Darwin. From the get go the main theme sinks in and plants its foot down giving the listener a take-off point for the rest of the emotional journey.

The score is very gentle in its approach but the emotions it carries weigh heavy on the heart. This is not an overly dramatic score but one of tragic isolation and a strive to overcome that isolation. This is a piano and strings score, and usually when I say that I mean it in a negative sense but not so here. Simplicity is the beauty here. The sparkle of human thought and how one contrasting thought from the rest of society can separate you from that society.

Young even utilizes an Irish jig in the track “Fuegian Children”, which immediately brought back memories of his brilliant score to The Shipping News. My favorite part of the album are the closing two tracks entitled “Knowing Everything I Now Know” and “Humility And Love”. The last track is utterly beautiful as starts with a solo violin that erupts into a huge string section that then dies down into a lone piano.

The score evokes grand emotions from simple melodies and echoes everything about the story being told on screen. I would go ahead and say this is one of Christopher Young’s finest works. It embodies everything I believe a good score should have; emotion through simple melodies and a firm thematic grounding that allows it to stand apart from the film. This score is very much worth your time.

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