Monday, March 8, 2010

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan & Razor by Bear McCreary (Review)

I’m going to be straight forward and honest here. I’ve never watched Battlestar Galactica. The only times I tune into the SyFy Channel are to watch terrible made for TV movies like Sharks In Venice starring Stephen Baldwin. Anyway, I have heard nothing but praise for Bear McCreary’s work on the series. Granted, taking a look at his filmography probably won’t impress you and the films he’s done aren’t gonna do more in the impressions department, but let me tell you right now that this is some great stuff.

The score is a combination of two separate Battlestar Galactica “events”. The Plan is more or less a 2-hour movie that aired after the completion of the series. Razor can also be considered a stand alone film (it aired between seasons). For thematic and cohesive purposes McCreary decided to combine the two scores for this unified release. I almost didn’t believe what I was hearing when the first track started. “This is music from Battlestar Galactica?” is pretty much what I said aloud. I rarely dabble in TV scores because they usually lose focus over the span of seasons and most of the score is filler. LOST is one exception to this. I found the second exception. Every track here is genuine storytelling. Thematic and melodic material carries you on an amazing journey. The music stands on its own in an immense way. It’s a rock infused percussion propelled soundscape with ethnic flavors that creates an immersive atmosphere.

This was my first Bear McCreary experience and I’m hooked. I know I’m probably missing the big picture here since I haven’t looked at the other seasons’ scores, but I love what I hear here. My initial impressions of Battlestar Galactica have changed. Never would I have imagined to find such grand and emotionally driven arcs in a score to a series for the SyFy Channel. Listen to the first track and I guarantee you’ll want to continue. If you’re a fan of modern scoring you will love it. I can’t speak for purists or traditionalists because they are stubborn and think anything that isn’t a 70 piece orchestra is bad. If you’re a Battlestar Galactica or Bear McCreary fan then I’m sure you know how great this is. If you are not fans of either then jump in and take a listen.

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