Monday, March 8, 2010

82nd Annual Academy Awards Recap

Oscars have come and gone again. This year I can’t lie. I enjoyed the telecast immensely. While the Oscars have become rather predicable it was nice to see a few curve balls. I truly believe that Art Direction and Cinematography were the two hardest categories to call; there just wasn’t an “above the rest” nominee to me. Great surprises were Ben Still in Na’vi attire and a few hilarious skits from Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin. Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number felt a bit out of place but was good. I loved that Kathryn Bigelow won and James Cameron didn't. First female director to win an Oscar is a pretty big milestone. She deserved it though because The Hurt Locker was a perfectly crafted film. Also happy that Avatar only went home with 2 Oscars. The movie is not that good! I enjoyed it immensely, but am sick and tired of the praise everyone is giving this movie.

There were some things that bogged down the telecast and initiated eye rolling from me. I love Jeff Bridges and love that he won, but his speech was just too boring, Sean Penn again comes in and makes everyone feel awkward, and then there was the Step Up 3 rehearsals going on during the score montage. I mean, honestly what the hell? That was the most insulting and ridiculous thing I have ever seen to those scores. How can you play these immense compositions while break dancers jump all over the place and do the robot? If scores do one thing it's that they accommodate imagery and nothing was in sync from what I saw. It was a horrendous misfire.

The score category this year was a sure win for Giacchino, which I could not be happier that he won. I remember playing the first Medal Of Honor in 1999 and loving the score. That was more or less the beginning of his career. Over a decade of following him and loving every score he composes I saw him get his Oscar. A well deserved Oscar. Hans is my boy, but even he knew he wasn’t going to win I’m sure. Giacchino swept every other award possible and let’s face it, Up is pretty damn amazing. Guaranteed tears every time.

Great telecast and well deserved wins make this the best Oscar ceremony in a couple years.

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