Thursday, May 27, 2010

Defendor by John Rowley (Review)

John Rowley’s score to Defendor is a very one dimensional experience. The story is somewhat reminiscent of Kick-Ass in that it’s a comedy about a man who takes to the streets as a vigilante to help the innocent. In that respect the score fits tone-wise.

It’s a bit over the top with a heavy modern vibe. What I liked about it is that Rowley has sort of infused the modern approach with some classical sounding arrangements. “Final Assualt” almost sounds like a modern symphonic movement. However the drum loops and synth mock-ups wear thin as the experience goes along. The score doesn’t seem to build a story. It does the bare minimum to support the narrative, but on it’s own it doesn’t provide anything memorable or worthwhile.

John Rowley is very early in his career and based off what I hear here he does have a sound and a style. It’s just the thematic variation that needs work. Unless you loved the film I can’t expect anyone to approach this blindly.

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