Friday, January 8, 2010

It's Complicated by Hans Zimmer & Heitor Pereira (Review)

Hans and Heitor’s score release is resurrected from the dead and makes its way to iTunes. Honestly, what’s better than one Hans Zimmer score? How about 2? On December 25th both Sherlock Holmes and It’s Complicated hit theaters. I call It’s Complicated “low calorie Hans”. After a hearty and heavy helping of Sherlock Holmes what’s a better way to finish a meal than a light and fluffy serving of It’s Complicated?

Hans continues his collaboration with director Nancy Meyers and teams up with his friend and amazing guitarist, Heitor Pereira. Originally this was supposed to get a CD release but out of nowhere the release was canceled. We learned later in an interview that Hans pulled the plug because he felt the CD would have just been too much repetition since there is not that much variation in the score. He also didn’t want to release a short CD and rip off people. So instead he decided on a shortened release just on iTunes for a cheaper price. The score release is only 16 and a half minutes, but it’s good stuff.

The style is very much akin to his score for Meyers’ last film, The Holiday. Heitor is an amazing guitarist and the guitar is a major staple of the music. This film is very much dependent on the writing and the acting. It has a great cast and Hans and Heitor made sure they didn’t overpower anything so that the writing and acting could shine. There isn’t anything spectacularly special about the score though. It’s effective in what it does without stealing the spotlight. It makes for a relaxing listen with a slight emotional echo. It’s warm, comforting, it’s gentle and it will softly carry your mind and put a smile in the corner in your mouth. It also shows just how versatile Hans and Heitor are. Many composers only stick to one genre, but only a few have a switch that can make them turn from intense adventure to romantic comedy in a snap.

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