Thursday, June 25, 2009

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen by Steve Jablonsky (Review)

Probably the most anticipated blockbuster score of the summer right up there with Giacchino's Star Trek and Hooper's upcoming Harry Potter score. Well, I waited to write a review until after I saw the film since this release is only a pathetic 44 minute sampling of a 121 minute score.

What we have on the CD is all of the new stuff Jablonsky did for the film, and originally I thought all of the great themes he established in the first score would appear in the film. Sadly they only pop in once in awhile. We do have some good stuff here. The "new" theme can be heard right off the bat in "Prime". That theme is echoed in tracks like "Infinite White" with vocals by the lovely Lisbeth Scott. Then there's the standard action staple of the heavy male chorus that defines the Decepticons, which Hans made famous with his 90's action scores.

Overall there are some great tracks here in full Jablonsky style, but it's lacking that structure that I loved from the first film and the first score CD. After watching the film and listening to the CD it was pretty much anticlimactic. I was waiting for it to go rise and rise, go full throttle then bring us back down like the final battle in Mission City from the first film. We don't get that here, and not even in the movie. I loved the first movie but thought this one was pretty bad. The score never rose to the occasion and level as the first film and was lost amidst the poor structure, pacing and story of the film. It's honestly a better standalone listen than in the film. The tracks with Lisbeth Scott are amazing.

Another thing that really hurt this score was Linkin Park's involvement. I don't know whose idea was it to toss them in the scoring process, but it's really rediculous. Fine, they wrote a song for the end credits but let's keep it that way. I don't need the heavy rock to emerge every few scenes as the "NEST" theme. So, we have some good stuff but it's not at all what I was hoping for. I enjoyed the score, but not the movie. There is so much left to be desired here and I hope a more complete release is coming down the line, but for now I guess this release will have to do.

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